A Feeling that has something of the World in it – the problem with “creating yourself” and how to recognise soulwork.

Hello all,

A  few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking to Steve Thorp, poet, psychotherapist, and editor of the beautifully curated Unpsychology magazine.

Our conversation dived into the problem that can arise when you try to “create yourself”, and the huge cultural pressures to do so.  We investigated  what “soulwork” might look like, and how that might be different, what it might mean to have “feelings with something of the world in them”

As Steve says:

“As a society, we have lost our understanding of culture as something that can binds us back into a larger cycle of life and death, the rhythms of life and the maturation of the life cycle. After midlife, a person starts to look towards Death and seek integrity. Here we have to face what is real in relati – onship to our life. What in our culture supports this kind of soul making?”


Talking of soul making, I want to share a new project with you, called “golden threads”.  These are songs that arise from following the golden threads of intuition into the place where they become songs, a one off shape, each with it’s own unique mood, structure and form. 

I will be putting them on facebook, illustrated by photos.

this first one is called “I know blue” – part of series of blue themed songs, that i posted about recently –