Soul spoke she said

Soul spoke she said:

Like a fire, be within,
Threaded cage that close like a fist,
the ball of gold
threads of flesh

Be, Be, Be,

Be within.

Be with me,
in the nectar
of the tree

Be with me.

Know your edge,
know your place
know your secret unspoken name.

Know your time,
hold your tongue
for the world that is yet to come

Struck dumb.

Clenched tight fist
scarred tight wrist
tender dreams
filaments that gleam

Open rose!
Open and close!

Within a cage a lock
within a heart, a shock
Oh my child!

Give thanks
silent as a rose.

Cage that locks?
Charred useless flesh?

Oh my child!
Be with the circle
that turns in the dark

flashlight moon
silver spoon;

things wait.

Let the precious taste of a kiss,
the soft gentle mist

and her priest said:

“Bow your heads you silent ones
you chose the deep and distant Sun,
oh please, within your severed dome
find the threads that lead you home,
for home is where you deeply are.
The silver birch, the logs are charred.

Do not tarry”

Soul spoke once more she said:

Let me be your waterfall,
Let me that which connects the high river to the low,
Let me be the cloud that drops rain upon the valleys,
Let me speak with your tongue,
Let me fill your heart with blue roses,
Let your time be the blossom of those roses,
Let your death be the blanket of living matter from which all life grows,
Let your kindness be the seal,
Let your integrity be your word,
May your words be simple, beautiful.

Do not bend beneath the weight of responsibility.
Flow, bend –
leaves on a tree.

Do not search for me…just be.

God is in the egg,
all your misfortunes may be blessings;
make your small life a human one.

Let yourself go.
Let your tongue speak
Let your hand paint
Let your friendships blossom
Let your trees bear fruit.

Bear witness.
You are here to bear witness.
You are here to bear fruit.

You are here to be the guide, to be the lover,
to be the guided, to be the beloved.

All in good time.

The angel in your nervous system,
the moisture at your lips
the grass beneath your feet
time and time again

Go now, remember the words
that you speak and speak through you
Be close to the mystery,
but do not look to it to replace the integrity of your moment.

Seek to ask the right questions.

Seek to enjoy.

Seek to lament.

Seek to end seeking.

Seek to continue seeking evermore.

For I am the hammer and the anvil

I am the golden envelope
I am the string upon which the precious jewels rattle and fly
I am the bones of men at the bottom of the ocean
I am the fins of fish and the dreams of whales
I am there in the floorboards of the rotten houses,
and the litter that blows in the street.
I am.